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    The brand name "DTTROL" is an acronym for "Dance To The Rhythm Of Life". 

    The name was established in 1999 and today is the registered trademark of a company distriuting and selling dancing shoes and dancewear worldwide.

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    Dttrol has established long term close cooperation with more than 256 world class dancewear brands and designers.


    Dttrol has also been successfully marketing in more than 108 countries, and owns 25 agents and distributors in the world at present.


    With professional quality, leading technology and unique design, the Dttrol production enjoys good reputation among the dancers all over the world .

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    · 1999-2007

    Early brand establishment, has many strategic partners around the world.


    · 2008-2011

    DTTROL started to market worldwide.


    · 2012-2016

    DTTROL became one of the first-class dancewear and shoes brand in China,

    being popular with Chinese dancers.


    · 2017 - now

    DTTROL made strategic adjustment, implemented the "people-oriented" strategy and international layout.